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A large contingent of surfers came to the northwest coast of Puerto Rico in the '60s, fell in love with the place and the surf, and never left. Now this is one of the world's premiere - if less well known - destinations. Surfers from the U.S. East Coast and as far away as California regularly come here for the surf season. We love working on the beaches here.

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January, 2016
01.29.16 Surfers Beach
01.27.16 Wilderness, Gallery 2
01.27.16 Wilderness, Gallery 1
01.23.16 Wilderness
01.22.15 Wilderness
01.14.16 Wilderness
01.12.16 Wilderness PM
01.13.16 Wilderness
01.12.16 Wilderness AM
01/09.16 Wilderness
01.08.16 Wilderness

December, 2015
12.15.15 Wilderness
12.15.15 Wilderness PM
12.16.14 Wilderness
12.19.15 Wilderness
12.20.15 Wilderness

November, 2015
11.15.15 Surfers Beach
11.16.16 Wilderness
11.25.15 Middles
11.25.16 Wilderness AM and PM
11.27.15 Wilderness
11.30.15 Surfers Beach

October, 2015
10.01.15 Middles Beach
10.08.15 Wilderness
10.21.15 Wilderness
10.22.15 Wilderness
10.23.15 Wilderness
10.29.15 Surfers Beach
10.31.15 Wilderness

September, 2015
>09.27.15 Surfers Beach   332 Bo. Bajuras Isabela, Puerto Rico 00662   787-629-3988   787-872-1230